St. Kevin and the Blackbird
St. Kevin and the Blackbird
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Who Was St. Kevin?

Who is St. Kevin? St. Kevin (498-618 A.D.) was born into a wealthy family in Ireland in 498. He studied Scripture for three years as a young man before taking the monastic habit. Sometime later, he founded a monastery at Glendalough, Ireland. Kevin’s holy reputation soon attracted many people to the monastery, and he was elevated to the status of Bishop. St. Kevin’s patience was legendary: a story is told that once a bird laid an egg in the palm of his hand. Not wanting to harm the egg, Kevin remained motionless until the egg hatched. St. Kevin’s feast day is June 3. Our parish was established under his patronage in 1922.

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Mission Statement

St. Kevin's Parish is dedicated to creating and developing a strong welcoming community by reaching out to reveal and communicate the love of God to all people. We aim to deepen our spiritual lives with liturgical celebration, fellowship, education and service in a spirit of collaborative leadership between ordained and laity. We strive to emphasize and respect the uniqueness of each person and to continue the mission of Jesus within the environment of our Catholic faith community.